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        Children's English phonetic symbols are not read accurately, and their oral English will be even more nonstandard in the process of learning English. Let's share with you the benefits of phonetic symbols for children's English learning?


        1、 Learning phonetics well can help children improve their English listening ability. Master the phonetic symbols, be able to read English words accurately, practice repeatedly, and you will understand English.


        2、 Phonetic symbols play a great role in memorizing words. English pronunciation, especially the internal and powerful law, can be used to memorize words if you know the international phonetic symbols. Word memory and the law of pronunciation work naturally. Students can basically spell words as long as they know the pronunciation.


        3、 Learning phonetics in one step can cultivate accurate and pure English pronunciation and form good English learning habits. It will lay a solid foundation for future English learning.


        4、 Master the fire of phonetics. Children can read English passages smoothly. Reading aloud can help children form a good sense of English language.