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        English learning and training should also pay attention to methods and skills. Finding appropriate methods to learn English can get twice the result with half the effort. European and American foreign teachers tell you what are the methods of English learning and training?


        (1) English learning and training needs to consciously set up English experience process and Experiential English learning and training teaching,


        It refers to the training method to strengthen understanding, exercise and improve ability through practical exercises in specific situations. It is a process of "complete input and complete output" to find problems, solve problems, understand the teaching content, learn to speak complete sentences and fully express their thoughts and thoughts.


        (2) English learning and training needs to choose appropriate English teaching materials and resources. To choose appropriate oral teaching materials to learn English conversation, we should choose an applicable oral conversation textbook. At present, many English scholars choose various foreign textbooks. However, for beginners of English conversation, it is better to use the conversation textbooks published in China and combined with our own daily life. Domestic English teaching materials are carried out according to the way used to learning the language. It is more appropriate for middle and advanced English students to use European and American teaching materials.


        (3) English learning and training focuses on the combination of English language itself and English cultural background, that is, the combination of language and culture, training mode, the combination of language training and cultural training, understanding the special events of Western English history and culture and the lack of TV and movies, etc. for the nodes of memory attenuation at all levels, strengthen the practice of words, oral English and listening, and accumulate a small amount for many times, Finally, the learning of each unit achieves the optimal memory effect.