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        Many students are distressed. Their written test level is still good. Why is their listening so poor? Let's share with you how to practice their English listening?


        1. Create a language environment as real as possible


        In an English environment, let yourself accept the stimulation of English to your hearing as much as possible. The more you listen, the faster you will reflect your English listening. For example, participate in English corner, watch English movies and TV, listen to English radio and so on. Is a very good practice.


        2. Listen extensively


        English is not only a knowledge, but also a skill. The same is true for training English listening. It needs a lot of listening and reciting. A person who often listens to English cannot suddenly have good listening one day. Usually through a long time of practice, at the same time, we should also learn more imitation, so as to better improve our English listening.


        3. Make sure your pronunciation is accurate


        First of all, we should strictly require our own pronunciation. Only when our pronunciation is accurate, can we know what is said in the listening. If your pronunciation is not accurate, it is difficult for you to hear what is in the listening. Therefore, we must first strive to make our pronunciation more standard.