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        As a widely used language, English plays an important role in work. Many people begin to tutor English. What are the skills of adults learning English from scratch?


        Set goals and build confidence


        Many people think it is impossible for adults to learn English from scratch. It is easy to lose confidence and morale in the process of learning, so you can first look at other successful cases of adults learning English from scratch, learn to set a different goal at each stage, motivate yourself and establish good confidence as the spiritual pillar.


        Start with phonetic symbols


        Some people may ask adults why they don't memorize words first when learning English from scratch, because many people will be impressed when they see a word, but they don't know how to read it. If they can't read it, they can't remember the word. In my experience, word memory needs to be remembered by listening to pronunciation, and phonetic symbols are not difficult, As long as you master its general structure, you can learn it easily.


        Primary grammar


        After the phonetic symbols are completed, you can start to learn basic grammar knowledge. Here we recommend new concept English, which is very suitable for adults working and working to learn English. It includes five basic sentence structures, basic English knowledge and various sentence patterns. This book is very basic and has little content. As long as you spend 1-2 hours learning every day, you don't have to sign up for classes, and you can study by yourself.


        recite words


        At this stage, we should pay attention to learning methods. Traditionally, many adults believe that as long as they spend more time reciting words crazily when learning English, in fact, this efficiency is very low, and it is not operable for adults at work. My method is: look at 100-200 words a few times, and look at and follow these words in turns for many times.


        Learn advanced grammar


        If you have reached this stage, you can theoretically understand English magazines with the help of a dictionary. In addition, you also need to read efficiently and write correctly. Therefore, you can use new concept 3 as a textbook to improve this part. However, it is not easy to learn this book well, so you are advised to sign up for class, This is also one of the ways I think adults can learn English by themselves efficiently.


        Practice oral English


        I believe that oral English is the trouble of many zero basic learners. No matter how well you do the previous parts, if your oral English can not be applied to life, it will be in vain. I think the only thing you need to practice oral English is fluency, and the best way to practice fluency is to find someone who can speak English and communicate with you in English, These two requirements can stimulate your desire to speak English.