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        Now, in the 21st century, English, as a universal language in the world, is needed in many places, whether in economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between countries or in the daily work of foreign companies, which naturally makes the English training industry popular. Especially in recent years, children's English training is very popular with parents. How to communicate with foreign teachers? Where is good for children's English foreign teacher training? Has been bothering many parents. Next, Xiaobian will give you a specific answer.


        How to communicate with foreign teachers? On this issue, Xiaobian feels that in terms of communicating with foreign teachers, we need to choose foreign teachers who meet the children's learning needs according to the children's own personality, interests and learning characteristics. In this way, the communication between teachers and students will be smoother, and the teachers will know the children's learning situation better, so as to formulate appropriate curriculum plans in time. In addition, it should be noted that there are many types of foreign teachers on the market, such as Philippine foreign teachers, North American foreign teachers and European and American foreign teachers. Almost every type of foreign teacher has different pronunciation. It is best to choose the foreign teacher with the standard pronunciation for children. In this way, children can not only learn pure oral English in the process of learning English, Moreover, you can also learn foreign cultures and communication skills between people, increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons, which is conducive to children's personal development in the future.