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        Many parents don't teach their children English. They don't have much experience in guiding their children to learn English. Beijing foreign teachers will show you how to guide their children to learn English?


        1. Daily life learning method


        First, let your child be familiar with the English names of various things at home, and then start learning verbs when playing life actions. When you say match, you will remember it quickly; Then, enter a simple sentence, such as "please give me a piece of paper" (please give me a piece of paper). Children will remember more words and sentence patterns in their daily life.


        2. Natural learning method


        Parents should not let their children continue to hate English, let alone feel that they are learning English. Children should be allowed to have close contact with English from simple things. Parents can first teach their children the English names of furniture or items at home. They can put English word cards on all things at home so that their children can walk around the house every day.


        3. Natural Pinyin method


        Let children use a simple and unforgettable rule to instinctively recite words without having to remember it. Parents can provide their children with a complete English environment, strengthen their oral expression ability, and apply for an organization to provide their children with a complete foreign language environment. Parents can put forward certain teaching requirements. In this way, the teaching effect will be improved to a certain extent.