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        Parents attach importance to children's English education. It is easier to learn English in early childhood. European and American foreign teachers tell you what should be paid attention to children's English education?


        1. Create a good English language environment. Combined with the above advantages of children learning English, it can be seen that giving children a pure and authentic language environment at this time plays an important role in improving children's English language sense, forming preliminary English thinking and imitating accurate pronunciation and intonation.


        2. Improve children's participation. Spoken English is the first mock exam for China's children. Apart from having the necessary environment, children need to practice a lot. Therefore, parents choose the best one to one interaction mode when they choose English education websites. They have the characteristics of strong pertinence, high participation and timely feedback.


        3. Develop good English learning habits. Language learning is not an overnight process. It requires children to adhere to it for a long time and cultivate good English learning habits.