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      专注外教派遣服务 专业品质值得信赖  010-65702931   foreignerhr@sina.com


      Hi, my name is Shannon. Im from the UK and ive been working in China with ForeignerHR for the last two months. I applied to the job online in my home country and Rosie very quickly replied to me by email and we set up a Skype interview. Once she offered me the job she then very promptly sent me all the steps and information of how to apply for my visa in my own country and how to get all of my document authenticated. I basically just followed the steps that she sent that she sent to me, they were really straight forward and really easy to do. Once i got my visa, Rosie prepared e for coming to China, any message i sent to her, she replied very quickly and she told me everything i needed to know. Once i arrived in China. Rosie arranged for one of her assistants to meet me at the airport which was really nice, and the assistant took me straight to the school I would work in and then straight to my apartment as well. The apartment was really close to the school, its about fifteen minute walking distance. I am really happy to have worked with ForeignerHR for the past two months. Any issues that i have, i know i can go to them and ask them for help. I came to china on a tourist visa and they have already been able to change that to a working visa for me. I think it would have been a lot more strength if i had to do the whole visa process myself, so i am really greatful to have found this company.


      So, if you guys want to work in China then dont hesitate to contact foreignerHR, they are a really good company and i would highly recommend.